Induce purchase in less than 3 minutes...

The big advantage of a corporate film, made available on your website and on your Youtube channel, is that it saves visitors a lot of time. Things that take lines and lines of text to explain can be explained simply and quickly. Nowadays, nobody takes the time to read or inform themselves properly anymore. The faster the better.

Our corporate films allow visitors to your site to get a summary of its content in a few minutes, while at the same time tugging at the emotional heartstrings that are essential for getting in touch.


The challenge is that the finished product does not look like a classic corporate film, because there is nothing more boring to watch than that (except maybe the local TV commercials :D).

The viewer must be seduced from the first frame and must have the satisfaction of having learned something when the last frame comes. It’s not the film that should tell your prospect to contact you.

Rather, it is your prospect who must decide this for himself after viewing the film. That’s the subtle difference!

The finished product will therefore explain what your company (or your services/products) is and what it can offer its customers. Your human and commercial qualities will be highlighted, but with a lot of subtlety, so that the “visitor” feels it himself.


Our montages are designed to be “edgy” in order to keep the viewer’s attention from start to finish.
The films can be composed of a mixture of text, animated illustrations/pictograms, “on site” reports and “live” interviews. Live interviews allow for a more natural phrasing and increase the “seductive” power of the subjects covered.

The soundtracks are created to order.

A video jingle is created. This jingle can then be used as a video signature for all communications of the client who will own the unlimited rights of use.