Resize the Day designs, produces and broadcasts your TV and radio campaigns


No, TV and radio are not inaccessible. These media still have excellent audiences, but their revenues are declining.

Take advantage of this! Resize the Day is here to advise and guide you through the maze of media that are best suited to your brand. We’ve got our inputs and a wealth of experience… which we serve up to you on a platter.

Distorted commercial conditions exist, and discounts are sometimes… impossible to refuse.

TV and radio are far from obsolete

Every day, Belgians watch an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes of television (*1) and listen to the radio for 2 hours and 27 minutes (*2). It is therefore very interesting for your brand to give these two media a prominent place in your communication strategy.

If it is understood that the digital media (and these famous GAFA that we often talk about (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple), are taking more and more market share on the advertising investment, the effectiveness of these messages, and their memorization is not always there.

And that’s the advantage of TV and radio media. Let’s be honest: following their TV campaigns, who among us doesn’t think directly of Carglass to have the windscreen of his car repaired? So yes, these so-called traditional media still have many years ahead of them…

The rate of diffusion and the quality of the spot are of course essential, but their number one advantage is to pick up your target at the moment when it is most receptive: at home, on a break at work or in the car, on the way to work.

Mass media

Do you want to reach your target audience quickly and boost your brand awareness? These two media will reach a large audience and very quickly: 71% of Belgians watch TV every day (*3) and 84% listen to the radio every week (*4). There will certainly be some waste, but one thing is certain: with an intelligent campaign, your brand will be retained and preferred.

Vu à la TV = succès

Vous avez tous vu ces tampons “Vu à la TV” ou “Entendu à la radio”.

Hé bien… c’est vrai: ces 2 médias apportent une image crédible à votre marque. Cela rassure le consommateur et, au final, donne de la valeur à votre produit.

High memorization

The real plus of a TV ad is its memorability! 42% of ads are recognized on TV (*5). This rises to 23% on Youtube (and even then, when the ad is not skipped).

Radio also continues to make a difference: with short, important formats, humour and signature sounds, people don’t hear the ad, they listen to it. This is all the more true because radio combines this with another medium.