Resize the Day creates and manages your websites

From being a simple “shop window” in the past, a company’s website has become a powerful communication tool. With the advent of Web 2.0, the emphasis has shifted to social networking and information sharing. Today’s surfer expects to have a real experience when he arrives on a site.
 This is what makes the difference between the shop windows of yesterday (still too present) and the sites of today/tomorrow.
When we tried to include the web in a client’s communication budget in 1995, they laughed at us 9 times out of 10, telling us they didn’t have money to spend on a toy. And yet…

Today, the web, with its infinite possibilities, has become the number one communication tool. It allows you to make yourself known, to promote your products and services and, of course, to sell online.

Our mission is to help you develop your business by creating the right tools for your business vision and growth.

And in this age of web 3.0 dematerialisation, the need to be online is even more important.

Your website is the central platform for your communication

It gives access to all the information about your company and allows the necessary bridges to private and professional networks in order to increase your presence with your customers and prospects. Its design must be innovative and above all inspiring in order to offer a new experience to visitors. And although the design is important, it should not overshadow the “communication” aspect of your site.

Too much “free” design kills communication, but it is through communication that you will become known and appreciated by your prospects on the web.
A “communicating” site is better than a “graphic designer” site, however beautiful it may be. This way, you can easily redirect all your actions to your site: promotions, sales, contests, etc. while keeping the inspiration necessary for the Internet user to trigger an action towards your brand.

Texts should be written specifically for the web

Short, incisive and challenging. They must call for a reaction from the Internet user. This is what we call “Call-for-Action”. In addition, we take care to structure the texts to facilitate good natural referencing by Google.

Its navigation must be "intuitive"

Intuitive navigation is a navigation that allows the visitor to have the whole site within reach of a click, whatever the page he is on. It is designed according to the interests of the visitor so that he finds the desired information in 1 click in 90 to 95% of cases (max. 2 if necessary, but rarely possible).

Email campaigns

It can be interesting for your company to communicate your strengths and achievements to a discerning audience. Emailing is an inexpensive and very effective means of communication, provided it is varied and repetitive. The type of layout should be very “Web-Minded” and rather uncluttered in order to catch the information at first sight.

We can also help you create (or refine if existing) a customer/prospect database to communicate with.
We work on “White Listed “* emailing platforms for our clients (and for ourselves).

We can also provide you with a complete report on the rate of opens, clicks, etc. of your emails, and even tell you which email addresses have interacted with your mailings. In short, effective business-to-business as we like it.

Once the templates have been created, you can manage them yourself if you wish.

* White listed = html emails sent by this platform do not arrive (or very little) as spam. These platforms are recognised by worldwide servers and services such as Google, HotMail, Yahoo, etc.